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Dries Visser Safaris Promotion Video 2016

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Hunting at Dries Visser Safaris Part 1

Hunting at Dries Visser Safaris Part 2

Hunting at Dries Visser Safaris Part 3

Jason Major

Our hunter Jason Major had a successful hunt, hunting plains game with his bow.
He made great shots on all his animals and went home a happy hunter.

Michael Williams

Michael had a great hunt with Dries Visser and bagged 10 animals.
All were fantastic trophies.

Roger Coleman

Roger hunted 10 animals with Dries Visser Safaris.
All were fantastic trophies, he was a proud and happy hunter.

Callum Innes

Cullem Innes hunted 6 trophies with Dries Visser Safaris.
I’m based in the UK where bowhunting is illegal and therefore I decided that a trip to Africa was an appropriate way to
celebrate a significant birthday.

Geoff House

Geoffrey House and his son Jason House had a wonderful 10 day hunt with Dries Visser Safaris. Between the 2 hunters they took 18 fantastic trophies, have a look at the highlights.

Jack Elbert

Jack Elbert hunted 6 fantastic trophy animals!

Allison Paton

Alison and her Father came to Africa for their first African Safari and had a great time with Dries Visser Safaris.
Alison bagged 5 fantastic trophies all shot perfectly.

Ryan Schindawolf

Ryan had a wonderful hunt with Dries Visser Safaris.
Taking 5 wonderful trophies with perfect shots on a 7 day hunt.

Shon Conine

Shone and his family had a wonderful hunt with Dries Visser Safaris.
He hunted 7 fantastic trophies each trophy with its own story to tell.

Pete Wilson

Pete had a wonderful hunt, taking 7 fantastic trophies.

"Spellman African Safari"

“It was a great experience and now we all have some video for the future.” Dave and Dennis

Impala at Dries Visser Safaris - August 2011, Payton Merideth

23″ Impala taken at Dries Visser Safaris in August 2011

Another video with bowhunting biologist, Wade Nolan!

Wade Nolan hunting with Dries Visser Safaris

Mac Varner’s Leopard Hunt

Mac Varner’s Leopard Hunt – watch this amazing video now!

How to kill a Wildebeest

Bowhunting wildebeest in Namibia with Dries Visser Safaris is Africa’s best bowhunt.

Bow Hunting Africa with Heather Grizaffe

Bow hunt Africa with Dries Visser Safaris and Heather Grizaffe for blesbuck, impala, warthog, gemsbuck and waterbuck.

Bow hunting Africa with Chris Mason

African Bowhunts. Follow Chris Mason on his successful bowhunts for Wildebest, Impaola and Kudu in South Africa with Dries Visser Safaris.

How to kill a Kudu

By bowhunting biologist, Wade Nolan

As we approached the brushy dry wash the gritty Kalahari sand ground under our boots making a slight sound that was accompanied by the human foot cadence. The Kudu Bull connected the dots and thundered away from only 25 yards. He had stood there watching our approach and only “broke” when it was apparent that our path of travel was going to intersect his hiding place in the shade of the Grey Camel Thorn tree. His brownish grey coat and vertical stripes had mimicked the thorny brush. Above where he had recently stood a huge yellow grass bird nest, the size of a lazy boy recliner, hung with a flurry of activity focused on the bottom of it. The small sparrow sized Sociable Weaver birds had undoubtedly seen the giant 8-foot tall kudu standing under them, but not Dries Visser and me.

How to kill Gemsbok

Watch and learn the Gemsboks bowhunting Secrets! What is a good shot on a Gemsbok? What’s not? Wade Nolan shows you with the help of Dries Visser Safaris.

Buff’s Bushbuck

Bushbuck in Africa

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Cape Buffalo with a Recurve

I have waited my whole life for this shot!

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Entering the Swamps on the Argo - Day 2

From day2 of our semi-live buffalo hunt in Mozambique, this video was taken as we entered the swamps for the first time.

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800 Buffalo Stampede by us on Day 4

Our little nudge worked, and 800 cape buffalo stampeded by our little ambush spot…

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Pat Kills a Giant Cape Buffalo!

The kill shot video from Day 5 of our live cape buffalo in Mozambique. Pat is Mic’d so follow his breathing and see what happens when he draws his bow!

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