Crossbow Hunting

There is no doubt that crossbow hunting African game species can be a rich and rewarding experience! In fact, South Africa has what is perhaps the largest variety of plains game species in the world as well as several dangerous game species for those archers who prefer a somewhat more challenging hunt.

Embark on your own hunting journey of a lifetime and experience a crossbow adventure in the wilds of South Africa with Dries Visser Safaris.

Here we cater to all bow hunters, whether you shoot traditional bows or prefer to hunt with a compound bow or crossbow. The Limpopo Bushveld region offers some of the most spectacular bow hunting opportunities. Most of the hunting is done from blinds and tree-stands and shot distances at the various stands vary from 10 yards to 20 yards. So whether you are a novice or an expert, we will get you on your dream trophy animals.

When picking the right crossbow to hunt make sure your bow is comfortable to hold, consistently accurate with a smooth trigger action and decent scope. Your crossbow must have enough FPS to make it deadly at up to 40 yards away. It must allow for a dependable, quiet and smooth cocking.

Our professional hunters and experienced staff understand the special needs of a crossbow hunter.