Hunting South Africa

South Africa, “a world in one country” for the tourist, also offers the widest variety of species for the hunter, many unavailable in any other country. The diversity of habitat and hunting conditions makes South Africa an essential experience for any hunter. As proved by inscriptions in trophy record books, the best quality trophy of a wide variety of species are hunted in South Africa.

Our main concession, Citadel, is situated in the western part of the Limpopo Province, close to Thabazimbi. This area is in the real African Bushveld, dotted with huge Knob thorn and Leadwood trees, where a hunter can be assured of a fair chase hunt.

Families are welcome to accompany hunters to enjoy Africa in comfort. Rich bird-life and wandering game reflect the tranquillity of the African bush, and make this a must for photography enthusiasts. Side trips can be arranged for hunters and observers.

When hunting in South Africa, or in any other African country, there are a variety of animals to select from. Animals are divided into two categories. Some are more dangerous than others, providing a tougher challenge. These are known as dangerous game. Other animals provide less of a challenge but just as much thrill and these are known as plains game. When choosing an African safari, you need to know what kind of animal you are looking to hunt. You will also need to consider the geographical region in which you are hunting. Not all animals inhabit the same kinds of environments.

Then there is the selection of hunting outfitter as well as the infrastructure of the nation in which you are hunting. Your entire hunting experience can be affected by your choice of outfitter. So when you are making your decision, be sure to check out their credentials as well as those of their Professional Hunters (PH).

Area information

• Sea level: 3500ft

• Climate: Mild winters, dry hot summers

• Average Rainfall: 18 inches per annum

• Winter temperatures (April – August): 32degrees Fahrenheit (min), 75degrees Fahrenheit (max)

• Summer temperatures (September – March): 80degrees Fahrenheit (min), 100degrees Fahrenheit (max)

If you are not sure about when to book, here’s a run-down on our seasons

• March – May: The land is green. Temperature is never terribly hot, rarely exceeding 90 degrees F. Humidity is low and mornings and evenings are cool

• June – August: Dry winter season when the grasses are low and the animals can be seen clearly. Average daytime temperatures are 65 – 70 degrees F, and nights and mornings can be quite cool. Temperatures begin to warm in September

• September – November: A delightful time of the year – it is spring time. Days are warmer with lows of 65 degrees F and highs in the 90s. Short rains in November

Is South Africa safe?

South Africa is safe for US travellers.

How do I get there?

We have no specific recommendation when it comes to Airlines, but what we do recommend is that when your flight comes in late, that they stay over at recommended quest house for a DVS representative to come pick up in the morning. The Quest House or Oliver Tambo International is the pick-up point. Early booking is recommended as flights are crowded during the hunting season, and costs do rise the longer you wait.)

Do you offer pick up / drop off at the airport? And how far of a drive to hunting area?

Yes, you will be met by a DVS representative at the airport after you exit customs. You will then be transferred to the hunting area which is approx. 3 1/2 hours’ drive.