Is it difficult to get my bow into Africa?

Not at all. Unlike rifle hunters, bows are currently not regulated coming into Africa. You would simply collect your bow at the oversized luggage area and proceed through the customs area.

Do I need to do anything special for shipping my bow?

You will need a very sturdy bow case that is impact resistant.  The stronger, the better.  Best results will result from the higher end models of bow cases available.

There where incidences last year where clients that flew via London had to have their arrows and bow in separate cases.

Do I need an electrical convertor or adaptor?

Yes, you will need both a convertor to plug your items into and an adaptor to plug into the outlet.  The convertor will change the voltage from 230-240 Volts to 120 Volts. You can find convertors and adaptors at any electronics store such as Radio Shack or Circuit City or department stores like Kmart, Wal-Mart or Target.  DVS do have a few convertors and adaptors in camp, but it’s best to bring your own to ensure you have one.