Chris Overly, PA USA

“A truly amazing and unforgettable experience. The staff goes above and beyond all expectations and makes you feel like you’re one of the family.”

Craig McCallum, TX USA

“I cannot express how great the time has been hunting with you. I look forward to seeing yawl next year. Thank you for making Dreams come true.”

Darin Kerr, ID USA

“Every time I return the adventure is bigger and better than the time before. Every safari has been full of first experiences. I keep coming back hoping just to repeat my first safari experience and you always step it up another notch and “exceed my expectations!’ Thank you for giving me such great opportunities.”

David Affleck, SLC USA

“We will be back with my sons to share this experience.”

David Boggs, IN USA

“Dries Visser Safaris’ is worth every penny! Everyone is committed to our enjoyment. From the minute that we landed at the airport, to going on excursions, to the conclusion of our successful hunts. They exceeded the expectations of everyone in the group and we are already planning our return trip for 2021.”

Greg Brush and Levi Busse, AK & WI USA

“Another unbelievable hunt – beyond our expectations even though I had been here before. Indeed, Dries Visser Safaris is better than ever. I truly believe they are the Gold Standard in African Safaris.”

Jacobo Bordias, Madrid Spain

“I couldn’t have imagined a better trip.”

Lance & Brittany Fitzgerald, CO USA

“Simply put, like none other. From the hospitality to the adventure that awaits, Dries Visser Safaris is World Class!”

Paul & Susan Atkins, AK USA

“I hunt all over the world and have experienced a variety of outfitters and guides, but my time with DVS has been the best I’ve ever experienced. Incredible accommodations, incredible food, and hunting at its finest, but most importantly, it’s the people that make it so great. From the PH’s, to the house keepers, all are first class, who truly care about their client’s well-being.”

Troy & Margie Behringer, TX USA

“Troy and I have had an amazing experience these last 2 weeks. The accommodation was 5-star, with delicious meals every evening around the campfire eating the animals from this area and fellowship. We highly recommend Dries Visser Safaris and staff for a great Bow-hunt in South-Africa.”