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Hear from our satisfied clients and see why Dries Visser Safaris is the premier hunting destination in Africa.

It has been 20 years since I have been to Dries Visser Safaris, and they didn’t disappoint. I was very fortunate to hunt with my old friend Dries Jnr, we had a great hunt along with many laughs! Liza was a great camp manager and as always, the staff was fantastic. The 7-day hunt was too short.

Thank you for the hunt and better memories

Alan Landreville, USA

When you think it couldn’t have gotten any better, it did! This was our second time here at Dries Visser Safaris and it was even more amazing than the first. Thank you for an awesome time. We already miss the amazing people and accommodation. Already thinking of our next trip!

Bryan Henderson, USA

Dries Visser Safaris is a bowhunters paradise. Both Cobus and Elana are seasoned bow hunters and know what it takes to get into bow range. They are extremely knowledgeable on the habits and patterns of the animals, putting you where you have the best chance of seeing your target animal. The camp was very nice with awesome private rooms. The food Elana prepared was excellent and went well with Cobus’s grilling of various species meats. Each lunch was great and included a variety of sides to go along with entrée. Dinners at the lodge were awesome, you will not go hungry and most likely gain a few pounds while in camp. Meals included many traditional South-African entrees, bites and desserts. The trackers/

skinners were great. They took great care of our trophies and were very helpful answering my many questions. Each day your laundry is done allowing you less amount of clothing needed. This has been a great first-time trip to SA!! Already planning return trip. Thank you, guys!”

Bruce Buren, MN USA

This was truly a trip of a lifetime. We chose Dries Visser Safaris to celebrate our honeymoon and we’re so glad we did. This place is a Bowhunters paradise and with our PH he put us on animals that exceeded our expectations. We are already looking forward to our nexttrip.

Chase Sunvison

This is my 4th hunt with Dries Visser Safaris. As usual the staff, PH’s and accommodation was first class and over the top, every detail taken care of. But this 10-day hunt was like no other. Each day seemed better. We took 19 beautiful animals, from Steenbuck to Cape Buffalo. This is a magical place! A bowhunters dream. Hunting at its finest, beautiful, bushveld and great long-life friends.

Chip Hunt, USA

Our 4th trip to Dries Visser Safaris was just as great as the rest! There’s always something new to see. Finally, I was able to get my nemesis the Zebra! Made some new friends.

Had a great time, coming back soon

Doug Tyrell, USA

From the accommodations to the food, to the detail that was put into building the blinds, the kindness of the staff. The quality and quantity of game is unmatched, and I will not try and put it in words, put let the photos speak for themselves.

Dustan Duncan

Dries Visser Safaris is 1st class all the way. They go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. The hunting is world class the number of animals is unreal, and the trophy

quality is 1st class. The place makes you feel like family. The

friends you make in camp will be lifelong friends. I can’t thank them enough for everything. I would rate this 1000 stars. Recommend to anyone wanting to come hunt is South Africa. Only place I will ever go.

Eric Diehm

My experience here with Dries Visser Safaris has been nothing short of incredible. From the moment we were picked up from the airport, I knew it was going to be a great time.

Cobus and Elana have just been great to deal with. The tracking and skinning guys are amazing and a joy to watch them work. I need to get back home after 3 weeks in Africa and start my diet all over. The food here is so good, from the appetizers before supper, to the supper, breakfast, and the

lunches in the blinds. And it is really nice to sit by the fire at night with a brandy and coke in hand and watch and relax around the fireplace. Couldn’t imagine a better place than Dries Visser Safaris!”

Fred Kowalke, IA USA

This is my fourth trip to Africa, and this has been the best camp that I have been in. Awesome people who are dedicated, sincere and very hard working. The trophy quality is by far the best in the business!

John Glick, IA USA

Our PH Frank was delightful he explained to us about each animal that we encountered. All our questions were answered about the culture here. All the staff here at Dries Visser are

welcoming and friendly. Our experience here couldn’t have turned out any better.

Kevin Salzman

Three siblings from Northern California on an African Adventure. We’re three siblings from Northern California on

the trip of a lifetime. We were presented with the opportunity to book a hunting trip to South Africa with Dries Visser Safaris and jumped on it. While we were certain this would be ‘the trip of a lifetime’, we have been blown away at how truly amazing the experience has been. From epic hunting adventures, incredibly professional and skilled owners, PH’s and trackers, great lodging, and the pretty incredible spirit of South Africa, we are genuinely leaving changed

Hunter: Kenny Wiley, CA USA
Photographer: Rebecca Wiley
The plus One: Jessica Wiley

It is difficult to put in words the experience I had at Dries Visser Safaris. Staff and my PH Stian made me feel welcome. Stian went out of his way to make sure that he showed me what was needed and patience answering every question I had. I am looking forward to the next trip to watch them doing it all again!

Kole Egbert, USA

All I can say is WOW! What an incredible unforgettable trip to South-Africa! With this being my first hunting Safaris in South-Africa, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that the adrenaline would be pumping, arrows will be flying (hopefully), and I would have a trip I would never forget. Dries Visser Safaris made that all come true plus more. From the home-made meals that was prepared from the game, which was harvested, from the heart pumping, sweat dripping, full throttle hunts. Dries Visser truly have a top-notch operation going on. Everyone was so kind and spot on from the camp staff to the tracking team. I couldn’t have asked for a better

ph, Cobus knew what he was doing 100% of the time. From the shots to the scoring on the hoof. There is no one that did better have of a PH. Thank you Dries Visser Safaris, Cobus and Elana, for a trip of a lifetime and thank you Africa.

Until next time.

Luke Beekman, TX USA

It was a nice stay here at Dries Visser Safaris. It was my first hunt with the bow, and it went perfect! It was also very nice to taste some of the different game.

Lasse Vinding, Denmark

I had a great experience from the time we landed to the time we left the farm. Great animals, great staff and facilities. The food was great as well. Thank you, Tim Teal, for taking me on

this trip it was a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you to Dries Visser and staff, I look forward to my next visit and hunt.

Matt Gillett, USA

I have been on 2 other African Safaris thinking they are all the same, I was very wrong. Dries Visser is not just a notch above, they are in a whole new category. My 12 year old son and I

harvested 17 animals. We were treated and felt like close friends. I felt he and Ben went above and beyond to help me get my Honey Badger. I am not sure when they slept because they were always hard at working taking care of us. We can’t say thank you enough!!!

Mike Ritter

We very much liked the family feel around camp. There was never a second, we felt we couldn’t ask a question and never felt any pressure. Everything about this camp made us feel like part of a great family. The meals were all top notch! The

cabin and bathroom where very comfortable and clean. The hunting was above excellent. Cobus did a great job of putting us at the best place at the best time. Even the record rainfall couldn’t keep Cobus from giving me great opportunities. The wildlife viewing was outstanding. Today alone I had 8 different species of plains game up close and personal. This was a trip of a lifetime! I’ve dreamt of hunting in S.A. for many years. This hunt exceeded all expectations. I got 7 animals in 7 days. The kudu and gemsbuck were my most desired animals and I was thrilled to fulfil my dreams

Mike & Michele Kunkle, PA USA

Nice to be back at you guys. We had some fantastic experiences. The hunt was top and the stock of animals large. The staff were super, we felt like part of the family.

What a holiday!

Morten Vinding, Denmark

There is a reason I have been coming here for the last 20 plus years. It’s the people the staff, the hunters. They make it all worthwhile. I rifle hunted for the first time after the last 5 where I bow hunted. I would say it was extremely challenging but taking a great Buffalo after 5 days of searching a monster Roan after tracking for 3 miles. My PH Frank was excellent! DVS gets in your soul and stays there.

Paul Atkins

Upon arriving in Johannesburg, the experience was amazing. The recommended hotel “Africa sky” was fantastic. The staff at Dries Visser Safaris is second to none with assistance in every area of my hunt and stay. The facility’s at Visser is comfortable and always clean. Food and meals were amazing also five stars. My PH Stian knows his animals and hunting area like the back of his hand. Also, the quality and quantity of so many different animals were world class. I am booking another trip as I wright this.

Ron Babneau, USA

Dries Visser Safaris did not disappoint. The trip was exceptional. From the quality of the trophies we took, the kindness of the staff, the food, the laughs shared around the campfire, the cozy accommodations the stunning lodge, skill of the trackers – and mostly our PH’s Anthony and Frank. Everything was beyond perfect.

Stephanie Prater

My hunt was more than I could hope for. The PH went above and beyond to make sure we were successful. We were successful at getting everything on our list and the size of the trophies was icing on the cake. We will be coming back soon!

Tim Day, USA

Great experience, the entire Dries Visser team was outstanding from top to bottom. Great hunting, food, and

accommodation. Our PH Johan and tracker Getmore made the experience more exciting and fun than we could have imagined. Two thumbs up for the Dries Visser team. Looking forward for our next trip back.

Tim Mitchan, USA

Dries Visser is the best of the best! This is my second trip here and they never disappoint from the food to the PH’s, rooms and everything. Took several high-end animals, impressive! You will not wait for anything. Rooms were super clean as always. Staff is excellent. The hunts are to be remembered forever! I could go on and on, but you just need to experience the hunt yourself. This has become an annual trip for me.

Tim Teal, USA

When we booked this South-African hunt/ trip experience we did not know exactly what to expect. Now that it is over, we can truly say that we have been blown out of the water by how accommodating and well everything and everyone was to us.

Travis and Sarah Schuppan, IA USA

To Dries and the whole staff at Dries Visser Safaris, thank you for another trip of a lifetime. 13 Trophies in 11 days. Also seeing a leopard at 3 yards, something I’ll never forget. I promise it won’t be so long between trips this time.

Travis Todd, USA

I came to hunt Sable and Roan with Crossbow then hunt other species with my recurve like many other “Life plans” it changed I realised with the crossbow I had a choice – and I chose a Buffalo. Stian, Phillip and Charlie were wonderful

to work with. The best complement I can give Stian is “I would hunt anywhere, anytime with him.

Wayne Reeves

The week was very entertaining and filled with laughter and smiles. Trackers/ Skinners were top notch, PH was a goofball and very skilled, camp staff did a great job, meals were mostly wild game and all prepared wonderfully. Hunting was exciting with lots of game and opportunities for multiple species.

Campfires in the evenings with a drink were relaxing with good conversations and stories. Seeing my buddy enjoy the experience really made me happy since this was his first

trip to South-Africa. I’ve been three times now and really wanted him to love it as much as I did on my first trip! Thanks to Dries Visser Safaris, he is now hooked, and we plan to return. Excellent week and we again thank all involved.”

Will Ross, TX USA

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