Africa’s Best Bowhunts

The thrill of getting up close and personal, within bow hunting range of African game, is unbearable! This will enhance your senses and make your heartbeat like never before! When your weapon of choice is a bow, DRIES VISSER SAFARIS is your first choice “GO TO” destination! We offer bow hunters the best bow hunting that Southern Africa has to offer. The majority of our bowhunting are from strategically positioned “pit” blinds, with shots averaging 15 yards. The spot or walk and stalk method of hunting is preferred during our early season, as sufficient green cover exists, and the softer foliage reduces sound while stalking. Our exclusive bow hunting areas are amongst the finest you will find in Africa. These areas are exclusively reserved for bow hunting and host a large diversity of species. Our well managed areas offer great opportunities on top quality trophies.

DRIES VISSER SAFARIS has been specializing in bow hunting for more than 25 years now, therefore understanding the special needs and preparation involved in making your bow hunting safari a successful and memorable experience!